Smart Way Game strategic turn-based puzzle game

Version 1.3.2

Finally, after seven months of intensive brainstorming and developmentSmart Way - the first game developed by our team has finally set to see the light of day (06/06/2011).

Three worlds, six characters, sixty levels and much more. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest news and updates about the game status and releases.

  • Three worlds (meadow, ocean and desert)
  • Six characters (rabbit, hedge, crab, fish, cobra and chameleon)
  • Every world has twenty unique levels (more incoming)
Available on the iPhone


Music from game:

Smart Way Game Worlds

  • Meadow
  • Ocean
  • Desert
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Please use our contact form to ask us anything. We're very interested in you opinions regarding game experience. Apart from those, we're also more than interested in your suggestions and constructive critics :)

Interesting facts

All sounds effects are derived from real nature sounds to make players feel as being outdoors while playing. Also, we were very determined to make all of our graphics resemble a classic cartoon, giving the players that comfortable look and feel.

Smart Way is a highly addictive strategic turn-based puzzle game, guaranteed to attract brainteaser enthusiasts.

The challenge is straightforward and simple. The goal of the game is to outmaneuver and outsmart the super-clever character that is trying to escape the game board by placing obstacles around it. As the game progresses, this simple task gets harder due to the growing difficulty of new levels that are characterized by the increased presence of ‘bonuses’ – fields that enable the escaping character to evade the obstacles easier and faster.

Smart Way is richly themed with 6 different characters: a rabbit, a hedgehog, a sea crab, a fish, a cobra snake and a chameleon. Apart from the characters, there are 3 different playing environments available for players to enjoy: the desert, the meadow and the ocean. The pioneer version offers 60 mind-boggling levels. The subsequent editions will expand the number of environments, levels and characters, according to the developers.

The Developers

Founded in Zagreb, Croatia, Europe, Novi Forum is an independent and inventive mobile applications development company that seeks to penetrate the world of mobile gaming by offering highly entertaining, intelligent games. 

The Novi Forum team consists of Bojan Pleše – project manager, Miran Brajša - chief programmer, Krešimir Pavlovski – chief designer, Mislav Mišković – AI programmer, Bianca Ban – music and sound effects, Daniel Pikl – tech support and Web manager.

Smart Way Characters

Our Team

  • Bojan Pleše

    executive producer
  • Miran Brajša

    lead programmer
  • Mislav Mišković

    AI programmer
  • Krešimir Pavlovski

    graphic artist
  • Bianca Ban

    music and sound
  • Daniel Pikl

    web & tech support E-mail / Twitter / Website / Facebook

Smart Way Game Screenshots

Smart Way v1.3.2

Released on 07/11/2011
  • Fixed a bug introduced in the previous update regarding idle character animations not displaying.

Smart Way v1.3.1

Released on 20/10/2011
  • Adapted the game to the iOS 5.0 version.

Smart Way v1.3

Released on 18/10/2011
  • Added 15 brand new and challenging levels with each world receiving 5 of them.
  • Fixed a minor bug regarding ads being placed over 'send' button on the in-game mail screen.

Smart Way v1.2.2

Released on 16/09/2011
  • The application introduced ad-based mechanisms which allowed it to become free of charge.
  • Fixed a glade obstacle animation drawing.
  • Fixed a crash which occurred during the level load periodically.
  • Fixed a minor bug regarding game board borders not being generated in certain situations.

Smart Way v1.2.1

Released on 12/08/2011
  • Level completion purchase option (for those levels which just seem unsolvable).
  • Fixed minor memory leaks.
  • Fixed a small bug regarding play time calculation.
  • A proper level picker page will now be displayed when a player chooses to return to the level picker from level 16 in any of the worlds.

Smart Way v1.2

Released on 07/08/2011
  • Achievements and leaderboards via Game center.
  • Tons of new animations.
  • Main menu graphic overhaul.
  • Faster level loading.
  • Optimized level scoring algorithm - getting a three star rating will be a bit more challenging in the meadow world now.
  • Replaced levels 2, 3 and 4 in the meadow world to allow players to get a glimpse of the way bonuses work a bit earlier in the game.

Smart Way v1.1

Released on 22/06/2011
  • Support for iOS 4.0.
  • Added 'rate the game' dialog, along with facebook, twitter and in-game mail features.
  • Improved memory management.
  • Improved in-game option menu navigation.
  • Graphical improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Smart Way v1.0

Released on 06/06/2011

Incoming patch notes

  • None so far.

Game features

  • Three worlds.
    • Hop through the meadow as a rabbit or stroll through it if in a hedgehog form.
    • Pinch those pesky shrimps and algae while being a crab or swim through the labyrinth of corals as a puffer fish.
    • Explore the sands and dunes of a desert world as a cobra snake or try to mimic your surroundings as a chameleon.
  • Sixty exciting levels to pick your brain.
    • A chance to prove yourself against a highly intelligent AI character.
    • Try to outmaneuver the escaping character by not allowing it to collect bonuses which help him escape faster and more easily.
  • Numerous achievements.
  • Leaderboards.
  • Astonishing graphics.
  • Real-life sound effects.
  • Breathtaking melodies.
  • Customizable zoom capabilities.
  • Unlimited fun and much, much more...


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